Financial management is a frequently overlooked subject in our schools – at both the secondary and higher education levels.   Yet, what could be more tied to success in the world then a solid understanding of the aspects of personal financial management?  If you work hard and earn a substantial salary, but don’t have the know-how to save or invest that money, you can wind up with little or nothing to show for all your hard work.

I offer much-needed financial education for all students, whether still in high school or at the University level.  This education is something that the students will carry with them their whole lives, setting the foundation for a life of financial security and abundance.

Whether you’re planning for an entire assembly or just a small group of students, I have programs to address all scenarios.  My seminars and workshops can be tailored to the students’ needs or your goals as a school providing the education.

So don’t leave your students out in the cold when it comes to the most fundamental education of all – personal financial management.  Call now to schedule a consultation and help your students truly know something, do something and be something.

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