Employees are arguably the most important asset you have, as a company.  Many of your employees may be experiencing financial issues at home and you may not even know it.  Like most of us, they did not receive much, if any, financial education and could be struggling to make ends meet.   They also may not be maximizing their income by investing in your company’s 401K plan because they feel they don’t have the know-how to choose their investments.  They may not realize exactly how much money they’re leaving on the table by not taking advantage of the company match.  I offer a full range of workshops and seminars designed to both instruct your employees in day-to-day personal financial management as well as targeted seminars regarding 401K investing and general retirement planning.  If you’d like your employees to feel well taken care of, offer them a path to financial wellness.  Call today and we’ll tailor a plan that works for both you and your employees.

Workshops Available

  • 401k Investing Seminar

    1 hour

    This fun, interactive seminar both instructs and motivates  your employees to invest in their 401k’s.  Through discussion and powerful examples, I help them understand exactly how this can benefit them in both the short and long-term.  Other types of savings plans will also be discussed.  Smaller groups are preferable – up to 25 people.   Participants can bring their lunch.

  • Budgeting Workshop

    4-weeks, 1 hr per wk

    This 4-wk intensive assists your employees in organizing and preparing a monthly budget for them and their families.  This is a hands-on workshop with detailed instruction and assistance.  At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a completed budget. Maximum of 15 employees per workshop,

  • Dealing with Debt Workshop

    4-weeks, 1 hr per wk

    This 4-wk intensive assists your employees with managing existing debt and creating a plan for getting out of debt once and for all.  Information will be given for how to live a debt-free lifestyle.  At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a debt payoff schedule, if needed, and a plan for remaining debt free.  Maximum of 15 employees per workshop.

  • Comprehensive Personal Finance Workshop

    4-weeks, 1 hr per wk

    This 4-wk intensive discusses all aspects of one’s personal finances from budget-making to debt management to creating savings and investment plans.  This workshop is designed for people who are interested in a more broad-based discussion on personal finances and who feel comfortable working on their own to complete the necessary tasks toward achieving their financial goals.

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