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Taxes With a Twist

Hebrew Free Loan Association adds free financial coaching to services offered

By DAVID RULLO | STAFF WRITER Most people know that the Hebrew Free Loan Association of Pittsburgh is a resource providing interest-free loans for anything from home improvements and renovations to life cycle events to small business needs, rent or utility bills or summer camp. Beginning January 7, HFL will offer a new service to the [...]

7 Self-Sabotaging Financial Behaviors That Keep You Poor

You missed the due date again for your credit card bill and now the interest rate on the card went from a reasonable 11.99% up to a heart-stopping 24.99%. You “forgot” how much money you had in your checking account and overdrew your account for the second time this month, racking up yet another $35 […]

2016 New Year’s Resolution #1: Build A Savings Account

Do I really need a whole New Year’s resolution for this? Is building a savings account really that important? Yes. Very. Super-important. Dump the change out of your wallet right now and put it in a piggy bank. Anything. Just start saving. Here are just a few things your savings account enables you to do: […]

A Girlfriend’s Guide to Underearning

Ok, I got you here under false pretenses. This blog post isn’t only for girlfriends. It’s for boyfriends too. It’s for millennials, gen-xers, and even yuppies – you know, the people who are over 50 and still want to work at good jobs for good pay.   It’s for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable asking for […]


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